BPK-2-42 M

Basic parameters
BPK-2-42 M
Magnification – Day Channel
– Night Channel
Field of view – Day Channel
– Night Channel
min. 10°
min. 6,5°
Ocular setup – Day Channel/Night Channel -3D up to +5D /±5D
Maximum resolution of day channel max. 11´´
Night channel resolution in the imagine intensifier tube
plane at optimal brightness of the bright test bars
min. 35´´
Detection distance of the medium size tank covered
by camouflage painting and located in the open terrain
at the night conditions
1000 meters when observing
the tank from its lateral side
Type of image intensifier tube FOM min. 1500
Power supply by direct voltage 26 ±4V
The temperature range for operation – 40°C ± 3°C up to +50°C ± 3°C