PG-1M-D M64

Basic parameters PG-1M-D M64
Magnification 3,7x ± 0,2x
Field of view 10°
Diameter of output pupil 4 mm
Distance of output pupil 20 mm
Ocular setup min. -0,5D up to -1,5D
Parallax max. 0,25D
The temperature range for operation -35°C ± 3°C up to +50°C ± 3°C

Especially for self propeller howitzer DANA is designed panoramic telescope PG-1M-D M64 for connection with ZZ-73 M64.
The panoramic telescope PG-1M-D M64 is an optical instrument which serves for sighting for azimuth. As an periscopes instrument it enables a circular(panaromic) observation. As at such an observation the eyepiece of the panaromic telescope remains fixed, the gunner in relation to the weapon takes a strictly specified place at any position of aiming point.
Modification results in a more precise distribution of horizontal and vertical scale from the original 60-00 dc to 64-00 (NATO and USA standard). The original reticle in PG-1M M64 is replaced by new one with a modified horizontal and vertical axis.

The Collimator K-1

Basic parameters
Field of view of the collimator 10°
Diameter of output pupil 48 mm
Number of vertical lines on the reticle 76
Distance between each vertical line of the test
on the reticle
operating distance from the device PG-1M-D M64
2,2 dc
min. 0,3 m

The collimator K-1 is used for horizontal guidance (targeting) of guns, mortar, howitzer, etc. on the target in indirect fire in poor visibility. The collimator K-1 is part of the set for panoramic telescope PG1-M-D M64.