Sighting device PGO-7V is designed for hand-held anti-tank grenade launcher RPG-7V for sighting at fixed and moving targets and allows shooting up to 500 meters. Reticle illuminator allowing shooting at dusk and night is part of the sighting device.

Basic parameters PGO-7V
Magnification 2,7x ± 0,3x
Diameter of output pupil 4,5 mm ± 0,4 mm
Distance of output pupil 27 mm ± 2,7 mm
Field of view 13°
Resolution limit in the middle of the field of view max. 28´´
Parallax of the reticle max. 0,25D
Ocular setup -1,5D up to -0,5D
The temperature range for operation -35°C up to +45°C